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Trish is a Spiritual Intuitive and co-founder of Dolphin\Spirit of Hawaii offering dolphin and whale swim retreats in Hawaii and the Kingdom of Tonga. She is author of the book series Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It. She also offers Into the Light Soul Readings, Core Light Activations, Guided Meditations, Inspirational Spiritual Workshops, DVDs and shares inspirations in her blog
1. Golden Vessel Anointing Meditation CD
Healing the Feminine Wound of Mankind ...

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Track 1: Golden Vessel Anointing
This guided meditation is sourced from a Council of Elder Priestesses and Goddesses in the higher realms who invited me to join in ceremony to invoke the Sacred Golden Oil to heal the feminine wound of mankind. This is a multigenerational healing for man/womankind.
Track 2: Morning Meditation
A beautiful way to start your day! A gentle and powerful twenty minute guided preparation to align your mental, physical, emotional and etheric bodies in the Light.

2. Dolphin Guided Meditations
Guided Meditations with Dolphins & Angels

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Track 1: Dolphin Love
Glide softly through effervescent waters, shimmering light beams dancing in your sight as you swim along beside the dolphins in a realm beyond the senses. Feel the ever deepening bliss in your heart as it opens to the core of your being, the real you, and the refined ecstacy of unconditonal love. The dolphins will take you to the temple of your heart.
Track 2: Angelic Dolphin Ascension
Spiral gently into transcendent frequencies of light with the dolphins and angels as they bring you to the temple of your Soul ... there to merge with the radiance of your eternal essence.

3. Sacred Partnership Meditations
Used in Trish's Sacred Partnership Teleseminar

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Track 1: Healing Past Relationships
Unhealthy attachments to loved ones (conscious or unconscious)whether in the past or present prevent the freedom of forward movement and spiritual partnership. This guided meditation is designed to assist you in healing and completing on the highest spiritual levels those relationships that interfere with your growth in joy and Light.
Track 2: Masculine/Feminine Balance
Come take your place on the Golden Triangle of Balance. Merge with your exalted Feminine and exalted Masculine Selves as they heal the child within with their radiant energies of Light.

4. Whale Light Activation Process
Becoming Translucent and Transparent

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About the Whale Light Activation
This CD takes you through your body within the consciousness of the whales. Using their powerful whale song, along with Trish’s resonant toning, they help you to become translucent (awakening the Light within every cell) and transparent (clearing any blocks to shining your soul’s Light and Brilliance into the world.)

Three Stages
1. Body Energy Awareness:
We will enter our hearts, beginning there, and with our consciousness travel throughout the body bringing awareness to and accessing any areas of energy blockage.

2. Whale Song Clearing:
The sounds of the whales will awaken the soul of each cell of our bodies enlightening the heaviness within so that we may release the blocked energy and become translucent, allowing our inner Light to illuminated every cell.

3. Transcendent Toning:
The whales will channel through my voice high frequency tones which will assist the boundaries of the body to become transparent allowing the transcendent Light within us to shine forth unimpeded by our resistance.

5. Quantum Manifestation Process DVD
and accompanying CD

Making a quantum leap in your manifestation skills

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This advanced process will help you to:

  • Powerfully manifest that which you choose
  • Utilize sacred geometry, masculine/feminine balance and sacred sound for acceleration of your creations
  • Create with a clear, practical and expansive process easily and effortlessly
  • Expand beyond the Law of Attraction

CD Included with hard copy order:

I have included a CD of the actual process that you can upload to your IPod so that you can listen to the process anytime, anywhere. It will take you through the whole process.

NOTE: MP3 download includes the DVD with the audio of the meditation itself included within it.  If you wish to have a separate CD with the meditation audio, please order the hard copy which includes both

6. Sacred Partnership Teleseminar
4 CD Set (1 hour each) PLUS Workbook for Homework & Processes, OR
4 MP3 Downloads (1 hour each)
PLUS a printable Workbook for Homework & Processes (PDF)
Manifesting your True Love ...
... a Conscious Preparation for spirit-based, balanced love and wholeness

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Learn The Tools of Preparation
  • What is Spiritual Partnership?
  • Healing and completing past relationships
  • Making the commitment to Higher-Self
  • Balancing masculine - feminine energies
  • Getting clear about what we want
  • Bringing Spirit into the body
  • Detachment and faith

Joy Books Series:
Essential Joy: Finding It, Keeping It, Sharing It

This book series was guided by Trish’s relationship with the dolphins and whales. Through many years of working with these wild cetaceans, Trish’s life changed dramatically for the better. She learned to move graciously from despair to deep joy and wishes to share this journey with you.


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Book One:The Art of Balance

  • Learning to meet needs within balance
  • Using masculine/feminine balance to find joy
  • Joy creation through enlightened processes
  • Includes Trish's personal story of finding joy

The Art of Balance introduces you to a discovery of the deep, true inner joy within the core of being... the joy that resonates in the heart when higher truth is revealed, when one knows who they really are.  Trish shares her personal journey from despair to joy with simple, profound methods of enhancing spiritual growth and inner balance that can change your life.  Learn tools which will allow the balance of your inner wisdom and your rational mind, so that you can access your full and limitlessness potential.  Bring fullness and meaning to all aspects of life from a new and different perspective.  These books were inspired by Trish’s life transforming, intimate relationship and work with the wild dolphins of Hawaii since 1994.

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Book Two:Surrender to Magnificence

  • Learn how surrender means liberation
  • Letting go of all your fear
  • Allowing your Light to shine
  • Personal stories of finding fulfillment and joy
  • Advanced meditations and processes
Surrender to Magnificence, second in the book series, Essential Joy, continues the journey toward deep, true inner joy—the joy that resides within the core of being.  After balancing your life by absorbing the wisdom in The Art of Balance, learn the magic of the illuminated path:  Radical trust, Surrender to Magnificence, and Inner Radiance.  Through meditations, exercises and stories you will learn to transmute fear, let go of attachments, and embrace your full spiritual magnificence.  Imagine learning the art of celebrating life...even in the most challenging circumstances.  This joy will unfold before you a life of deep fulfillment.


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“Trish’s book is a glory! Compassionate, heartfelt and filled with deep wisdom. Golden nuggets of truth and insight will light your journey as she shares with you the keys to a life of bliss and fulfillment. Clear, practical and joyous, her message and methods in this book lead to hope and deep peace...sign posts on life’s journey.”
Jaison Starkes, Intuitive Channel and Author of Healing and Releasing The Cherished Wound

“Trish openly shares many profound and heartwarming experiences from her own spiritual path to assist you on your quest for happiness and fulfillment. You will laugh, cry, and feel chills of recognition as you are moved by her candid stories in this wonderful book. Through Essential Joy, Trish has assisted countless numbers of people into the Light.”
Joan Ocean, M.S, Psychologist, Shaman and Scientist, Author of Dolphin Connection: Interdimensional Ways of Living and Dolphins Into the Future

“A spiritual adventure. . . an Odyssey that will take you from duality to unity, form to essence, on stepping stones of love, joy, and truth that express the full magnificence of who you are. I highly recommend this exquisite book!"
Leonard Laskow, M.D., Author of Healing With Love


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